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  • No refunds for cancellations within 30 days of arrival
  • Cancellations at least 30 days prior to arrival will be refunded if
    unit re-rented for same time period less $250 cancellation fee
  • In the event of hurricanes, tropical storms or inclement
    weather; we highly recommend travel insurance for your trip,
    which may be available for health and weather related
    problems. To find out more click:
    We will work to offer comparible dates for weather issues
  • Accepted form of payment - Credit Card via Pay Pal, US check
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  • We are pet friendly, smoking only permitted outdoors
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Abaco Eco Nest
Abaco Eco Nest Rental Rates and Policies
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Bahamas vacation rental 2/2ba
Welcome to Abaco Eco Nest,
our waterfront home is nestled on tranquil Cannon
Bay overlooking Treasure Cay.

A beautifully decorated 2 bedroom 2 bath waterfront
retreat  privately seclusive for your total relaxation
and enjoyment.  When you want to 'get away' this is
the place for you. The master bedroom comes with a
queen size bed and private bath. The guest room also
features a queen size bed and futon. The living area,
including the dining room and kitchen bar area are,
open to the fully furnished surrounding covered porch.
Other amenities: washer/dryer, A/C, computer w high
speed internet, hot tub, reverse osmosis, dock, boats.

Abaco Eco Nest has it's own small private beach, Treasure Cay has a spectacular 3 1/2 mi beach.  Treasure  Cay is a resort
community located just 1/2 mile by water, or 2 miles by road from
Abaco Eco Nest on the Island of Great Abaco.  One of the
Bahamian Out Islands. Treasure Cay is known for having one of the world's Top Ten Beaches according to National Geographic.
The Island of Great Abaco and the surrounding Cays are often referred to as the "Family Islands" due to their laid back lifestyle.
Here you can easily explore the surrounding cays of  Green Turtle (our favorite), Great Guana,  Man-O-War,  or Hope Town with its
famous lighthouse. There are too many other sights to list including Marsh Harbour and Little Harbour. There is just too much to see
and do in one visit, so you'll have to keep coming back again and again. Find out why Abaco has the most repeat visitors.

For All
Links and Tips Below
  • One of the best and easiest ways to explore
    and get about is by car. For just a few dollars
    more than renting a golf cart, you can cover a
    lot of ground on this 130 long mile island.
Cornish Car Rental
Treasure Cay Airport
(242) 365-8623
They will drop off or pick up the vehicle at the house
Located at Marsh Harbour Airport friendly and reasonable
  • Another excellent mode of transportation and
    adventure is to rent a boat in one of the best
    boating locations in the world.
Located in Treasure Cay
  • One of the largest and most beautiful coral
    reefs lays right offshore, Don't miss it!  
Located in Treasure Cay
  • Abaco is home to some of the best fishing in
    the Bahamas. There are many local
    Charters and Fishing Guides
  • You may want to bring your clubs or racket
  • Have you heard about the wild horses of
    Abaco?  They are located in the woods
    behind Treasure Cay Airport. Arrange a
    day and see for yourself
  • "Sandy Eastbrook's Guide to Abaco" is an
    interesting fun read. It offers up to date
    information, as well as travel tips,snorkeling
    and dive sites. There are many other points
    of interest, worth checking out.
  • Abaco forum is dedicated to people with an
    enthusiastic love of everything Abaco. A great
    site to get up to date info and ask questions.
  • Abaco Message Board is another place to ask
    questions about Abaco, announce events, get
    info and look for friends. Listen to the daily
    morning radio program "Cruisers Net Live"
  • We have found the best way to squeeze to
    most into our Abaco vacations is to 'Play the
    Weather'.  While it is usually sunny and warm,
    the trade winds can kick-up the seas.  We
    focus on boating and beaching on the calm
    days, and exploring Out Island towns, and
    other sites when it's breezy and cooler.
    Forecasting sites:
Additional commentary and tips on some things to expect and not expect:

We want you to enjoy your vacation and return again and again.  Most people's take on the Bahamas is  
related to Nassau or Freeport.  After all, most of the tourism and 85% of the population surround these two
cities.  Abaco is the third largest destination, but comparing it to these places makes as much sense as
comparing 'Mayberry' to 'Las Vegas'.  We have one stoplight on our 130 mile long island.  You will not find
any casinos, large chain resorts or chain restaurants. Our airports do not accommodate large jets.  
Luggage is seldom lost, on rare occasion it arrives late,the airlines will deliver late luggage to your door
guests are advised to bring medication and other necessities in 'carry on' just in case.  You will find a
population of overly friendly, courteous and honest people.  Random acts of kindness are the norm, crime
is way less than in the US. However, most everyone is on 'Island Time'.  Expect a lifestyle that is at a slower
pace, even if you are hungry and the wait staff aren't hustling to 'American" standards. After all isn't that
part of what you came here to get away from?  Most restaurants are quite good, but with less variation than
you may be use to. Another reason to enjoy our gourmet  kitchen, and whip up what ever you would like at
a greatly reduced cost. Groceries are not a whole lot more than the States, Treasure Cay has a wonderful
small grocery, and Marsh Harbour (the main town on island) have several fully stocked large ones . Rum,
wine and other liquor is cheap, many $6-$10 a bottle, however beer drinkers may cringe at the $35/case
prices.  We have a blender to whip up all the drinks you want.  Ferry's take the populations to the quaint
and unbelievably charming "Out Islands".  Nearby Green Turtle ferry cost $17/RT, Guana, Man-O-War,  
Hope Town ferry's can run $25/RT.  They are well worth the trip, just budget accordingly. There is a strong
English influence, and we drive on the left. It is pretty easy to get use to, however most of the cars are
American, and  the headlights are aimed for driving on the right. This means that oncoming traffic at night
can easily blind, keep your windshield clean and use caution.  Like every other tropical destination there is
lots of sun, and on occasion pesky insects, especially at dawn and dusk on warm calm days. Bring sun
screen, insect repellent and I recommend some lightweight long clothing (ex. long sleeve tees, pajama
bottoms). That way you can better enjoy the sunsets and rises and use less repellent.  Abaco Eco Nest is
designed for enjoying the natural surroundings with all the comforts of home. A local saying is that "Abaco
is not for sissies", even the biggest sissy can enjoy Abaco Eco Nest with all of it's amenities. Our caretaker
will greet you upon your arrival  and show you how everything works, budget a few minutes for the tour.  
Please use their local knowledge to answer any of your questions. Our caretaker host will remain on
standby and is only a phone call away to help in any way. We hope that you have the vacation of your life,
and we will work hard to make it so.                                          Abaco Eco Nest
Airline an airport travel tips and links:
The closest and nicest airport to Abaco Eco Nest is Treasure Cay Airport
(tcb), it is approx 5 miles. It has less flight options than Marsh Harbour
Airport (mhh) which is approx 15 miles from the house. If you plan to rent
a car (recommended) then either airport is fine.  Taxi to the house is
Approx $25 from 'tcb' and approx $80 from 'mhh'. About half of the
visitors arrive from small regional airlines out of Florrida.
West Palm Beach FL , then Bahamas Air, as the least expensive choice
if the flights match up.
secret travel tip***  when searching flights on the Bahamas Air and
some other sites, go to 'other search options' and search under 'flexible
dates' often your dates will show on the screen at a reduced
price!                              .  Have a pleasant flight!
Additional information available upon request send inquires to:
Ft. Lauderdale to Marsh Harbour:
Silver Airways         1-800-523-3273
Bahamasair         1-800-222-4262
Miami To Marsh Harbour:
American Eagle        1-800-433-7300
West Palm Beach to Marsh Harbour:
US Airways        1-800-428-4322
BahamasAir        1-800-222-4262
Silver Airways         1-800-523-3273
Daytona~Jacksonville to Marsh Harbour:
Craig's Air        1-904-641-0300
Daytona Beach, Orlando-Sanford to Marsh
Airgate Charters         1-407-585-3546
Melbourne to Marsh Harbour:
Baer Air        1-866-453-2605
Orlando to Marsh Harbour:
Silver Airways         1-800-523-3273
Nassau to Marsh Harbour:
BahamasAir        1-800-222-4262
Cherokee        1-242-367-2089
Abaco Air        1-242-367-2266
Baer Air        1-866-453-2605